How Twitter improves your cashflow

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"Cashflow is the lifehood of the companies"

"Without cashflow a company can't grow, can't generate profits and can't be solvency"

"Cashflow is more important then revenues"

"82% of the businesses fail, fail because of cashflow, they run out of money. 70% of them were profitable".

Cashflow has always been sensitive for the companies and businesses are always looking for ways to have as much positive cashflow as possible.


 Social websites can also help the companies in generating more cashflow. And "MAYBE" the companies are already using them without releasing that they are indeed generating more cashflow.

We choose Twitter from the social websites, as it is the most growing social media on the web.

How does Twitter help your company generating more cashflow?


First of all you have two ways to generate more cash flow, you can do that either by:

  • Keep expenses/ expenditures down


  • Grow your income streams


Lets start with the first one, how to keep expenditures down with Twitter and so grow you cashflow:

Twitter helps you in keeping the following costs down:

1.      Marketing costs

2.      Advertising costs

3.      Public relations costs

4.      Printed promotion costs, like brochures, visit cards, etc.


Second Twitter facilitates and helps you with doing research about your competitors and for FREE. When using twitter:

1.      You will have statistics about competitors for free through twitter self and applications

2.      You will have an extra tool to analyze the market

3.      You can see what the competitors are doing in real time and so react faster


Now growing your income:

Cashflow is about generating more sales:

1.      With t witter you are offering continuity sales and services.

2.      You are updating and promoting in real time your products and services.

3.      You are sharing the news about your company in an easy and fast way

4.      You are using a feedback channel, so commenting on the problems of your customers in real time and fast and so more satisfaction, less problems and more sales.

5.      With twitter you have deeper relation with your customers and better understanding and focus on customers (again so more products that fulfil the criteria's of what the customers want and more sales)

6.      With Twitter your are promoting your brand and for free

Cashflow is about getting money from your customers as fast as possible:

7.      After you have a lot of customers, time to collect: Twitter can help you in this by following your customers each part of the day and remind them with their bills through messages. Ofcourse you can't remind them in public but with Twitter you know at least what they are doing and where they are.




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